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Cylon Aspect 3.01

Aspect® is an award winning Building Energy Management System Integration and Energy Control Solution designed to provide users seamless access to their building data through common and convenient web technologies available on the devices you use every day. Aspect brings building information and control into the palm of any user's hand through integration with services like Twitter®, RSS, email, Google Calendar™, Microsoft® Outlook®, and Apple® iCal®.

Through compatibility with common technology, you can access your building in a variety of ways from a variety of devices. In many cases, Aspect will integrate with your current computer or smart device through programs already on those devices.




 Benefits of Aspect


  • No hidden Costs; no separate licence required, no annual recurring fees
  • No Java plug-ins
  • Automated scheduling via iCalendar protocols
  • Instant notification of alerts and alarms on any smart device
  • Pre-configured templates for quick and easy project deployment
  • Graphics and animations supplied as standard
  • Ideal for multisite usage
  • User friendly dashboards
  • Reduced training required
  • Automated reporting on system events
  • Mobile BEMS Solution

With the right user permissions, you can gain direct access to the information and tools that are vital to saving time, energy, and money.



Integrate and Schedule via Microsoft Outlook


Aspect Monitor shot


Imagine...you schedule a meeting for the conference room through Microsoft Outlook. With Aspect the room can be automatically prepared for the meeting. No need to worry about changing the settings on the thermostat, or remembering to turn it down after the meeting. No need to know BEMS. Just schedule the meeting and go.






Alerts & Notifications

Aspect with Push NotificationWith the technology you use every day including HTML5, email, Twitter and notification Apps such as pushover.net for iOS and Android, you can access all the information you need, when you need it, with less complication. Whether you are on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, Aspect is designed to communicate with the applications and programs you use every day to help integrate your building to your world.




Solution for Every Size Facility

Aspect provides solutions for every size facility.  Aspect Matrix Max is ideal for smaller sized facilities, Aspect Nexus is particularly suited to large and multiple site facilities and Aspect Enterprise, a server based variant, is designed for large systems.



What's new in 3.01

In addition all that Aspect 3.0 has to offer in terms of user friendly dashboards, graphics and templates, scheduling and alarms Aspect 3.01 also offers the following enhanced capabilities:



Distributed/Supervisor Functionality


  • Schedules
    Remote Schedules in Aspect Satellites, BACnet devices and UC controllers can now be accessed in the same way as local Schedules within the Aspect Supervisor. Settings from a master Schedule can be copied to many remote Schedules in a single Bulk Change action.
  • Security Enhancements
    The Aspect HTML5 UI can now be configured to use SSL encryption, giving a secure HTTPS browser connection, and avoiding the security warning messages that are now common in major browsers.




  • Trends in Aspect Satellites and UC controllers can now be embedded in the Aspect Supervisor’s map and accessed in the same way as local Trends within the Aspect Supervisor.
  • Aspect can now authenticate users with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP.



Improved Traceability Tools


  • The Aspect Audit trail now has a “disposition” property associated with every event, so that a user-generated log message can be stored to explain why an event occurred.
  • Newly-added Change of Value (CoV) custom trending allows points to be logged more frequently when required, and to record alarm occurrences.


Both of these enhancements can assist clients in building a system that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11


Other Enhancements


  • Engineering Centre integration 
    An engineered Unitron Site can be exported from Engineering Centre in a single operation, and imported into Aspect, requiring minimal configuration.
  • Bulk setpoint and schedule change
    Setpoints and Schedules can be copied from an Aspect Supervisor to many Setpoints and Schedules throughout one or more Sites at once.
  • Modbus in the Map
    Modbus devices can now be configured from inside the Aspect Map for simpler configuration and better integration with the BEMS.
  • Graphics enhancements 
    Items in an Aspect graphic can now be aligned automatically to simplify layout.


Move into the future of BEMS with Cylon Aspect Mobile BEMS solution, the BEMS that goes with you. Learn more