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Cylon Active Energy Manager
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Cylon Active Energy Manager

Explore the energy operation of your BEMS with Cylon Active Energy Manager.

This product focuses on BEMS analysis and energy management in order to analyse energy consumption and target savings in a building, enabling energy efficiency improvements and the continuous commissioning of your building.


How Does it Work?

Active Energy Manager is a Cloud based SaaS solution that requires access to the meter and sensor information in your building over the internet. The information is collected from the BAS via a secure fixed IP connection and the end user accesses their information by logging into the Cylonaem.com website using their unique username and password.


As a Cloud based SaaS solution there is no limit to the number of meters and sensor points you can connect to the service across any geographical location.  The solution is particularly suited to organisations with in excess of 100 meters installed, but Active Energy Manager is sold in meter bundles from a basic 10 meters up to 250 meters.



What System Does it Work On?

Cylon Active Energy Manager works with any Cylon BAS installation, Envoy Explorer, as well as with third party systems such as Tridium, BACnet and standalone systems via the SQL or MS Access database where the meter and sensor information is stored.



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What Does it Cost?

Active Eneryg Manager is an SaaS product that incurs an upfront connection fee and an annual recurring charge. We charge per point connected and hosted and the charge per point reduces as more meters are connected.