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NEW | Cylon CBX Series

CBX-8R8 is a fully programmable BTL-listed BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) that communicates on an RS-485 local area network and supports multi-protocol communications simultaneously including BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU. The CBX-8R8 controller provides 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs as well as support for up to three FLX (Field Level eXpansion) series extension modules providing up to 64 points of control

CBX-8R8 controller from Cylon Controls




The CBX-8R8 is designed for a wide range of applications for intelligent control of HVAC equipment, lighting control and electrical systems including metering applications.




  • 8 UniPuts™ + Relays
    Hardware connections that can be used as inputs, outputs or relays (software selectable)
  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • Up to 64 Points of Control when combined with three FLX eXtension modules


  • 8 UniPuts™ with Relay
  • 8 Universal Inputs


  • 8 UniPuts™ with Relay
  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • Hand/Off/Auto Local Override Function

Other Features Include:

  • Support for Cylon smart thermostat bus
  • LED status on all I/O channels provides indication of fault or override status
  • Compact form factor to maximize enclosure space
  • Easy module expansion using simple bus connectors
  • Uniput functionality expanded to enable resistance (thermistor) and current measurement
  • On-board Modbus RTU integration (Note: will be available in Q3)
  • Up to 64 Trendlogs, 1024 entries per Trendlog


  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Quick & Easy Installation with Modular Hardware Design
  • Reduced Diagnostic Time
  • Reduced Time on-site
  • Efficient Post Installation Checks & Testing 
  • Flexibility to Expand

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