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American Auto-Matrix
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American Auto-Matrix

Smart Building Solutions® for HVAC and Critical Environment Control

For over 30 years American Auto-Matrix® has been a technological innovator in the BAS marketplace through the manufacture of BACnet® and PUP Building Automation and Laboratory solutions. We have led the way by introducing many industry firsts such as: Direct Digital Control (DDC), Open Protocols, Object Oriented Programming, BTL® listed Laboratory and Fume Hood Controllers (Auto-Flow®), BACnet Touchscreen Interfaces (BBC-SD™NB-SD™), iCalendar and Twitter® integration for Area Control applications (AspectFT®), and Commercial and Industrial HVAC apps for iOS® and Android™ devices (vSTAT®).


With over 30 BTL listed controllers, AAM also leads the industry in number of BTL listed devices. Our products are known for their compatibility, robustness, and longevity. In addition, American Auto-Matrix prides itself on lengthy end-of-life cycle and generation-to-generation compatibility. Many of our legacy controllers can still communicate with our most current product offering today.


American Auto-Matrix is a company with a leading technological edge, and an end user oriented philosophy. Through HVAC and Laboratory products that anticipate market trends, not follow them, and services and solutions that are designed to make Building Automation accessible to facility professionals, American Auto-Matrix is providing Smart Building Solutions you can count on.









In June 2014, American Auto-Matrix was acquired by Cylon Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Cylon Controls Ltd., based in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Cylon Controls is one of the largest independent control manufacturers in Europe and a leading developer of energy management systems with a global distribution network. Cylon Energy Inc. own a majority shareholding in American Auto-Matrix.  The acquisition marks over 60 combined years of technological development and product implementation. 


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