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1450 Brickell | Miami, FL
smart energy control

Case Study

1450 Brickell Miami Florida


1450 Brickell is a 35-story, 582,000 square-foot office tower in Miami’s Brickell Financial District and has received LEED-Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), becoming the first of its kind in Miami. The building contains both commercial office and retail space.  The building contains 4,700 sub electrical meters which are archived to an SQL database on the Tridium BMS Operator’s Workstation.



Cylon Active Energy installed a Data Collection Agent on the Tridium workstation via a remote session using the Remote Desktop application in Microsoft Windows. The Data Collection Agent is configured to query the SQL database and push the meter data to the Active Energy Manager on a regular basis, providing real-time information on energy consumption to the facilities team.  


Flexibility to Expand: Additional meters and data points can be added to the Active Energy Manager without having to connect to the BAS Operators Workstation again.  So whenever the onsite facilities team wants to add new meters to the Active Energy Manager, they simply contact the Cylon Active Energy team to configure the additional meters on the Active Energy Manager.  Newly connected meter data is live within minutes of connection.


Active Energy Manager allows targets to be set on energy consumed by air conditioning in the building based on weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed collected from an online weather service providing local weather data.  This enables more effective management of air conditioning that provides occupant comfort while monitoring and tracking costs.   


Billing:  With the Active Energy Manager the facilities team now have the ability to charge tenants for their actual energy consumption rather than a blanket charge per square foot.  This reflects a realistic charge particularly in situations where some tenants are being more proactive in energy management than others.