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Teletrol Legacy Upgrade
Smart Energy Control

Teletrol Legacy Upgrade


Upgrading legacy BAS to eBuilding


The eSC has been designed to integrate into Cylon Teletrol’s eBuilding facility automation system – a system that is:

 eBuilding is a scalable system designed to maximize the potential of the Information Technology infrastructure available in modern facilities. The eSC provides industry standard communications capabilities through its various built-in communications ports.


Controller configuration data as well as point and alarm data is delivered using XML over HTTP,simplifying delivery of eBuilding data over virtually any corporate network. Delivered data is stored in an ODBC compliant SQL database. Ensuring easy integration of data with business operations and other enterprise level intelligence systems. These may include asset management, maintenance management, and business process management systems, as well as resource planning software packages.


legacy upgrade to eBuilding 

Why migrate to eBuilding:


Advantages of migration to eBuilding


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