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Teletrol Product:

Cylon Energy supports the Teletrol products listed below. Cylon Energy Inc., manages and supports the Philips Teletrol dealer network following a partnership agreement between Cylon Energy Inc and PhilipsTeletrol in 2013.  If you would like any further information on products we support, please contact us.


Cylon Product:

At the core of the Cylon product offering and energy solution is the highly robust, reliable and flexible UnitronUC32 range of products. The BACnet range uniquely presents UniPuts™ a revolutionary answer to flexible point configuration, offering maximised utilisation of controller capacity along with flexibility in strategy changes. Built on a modern web-based architecture, the BACnet range has a wide application scope with the flexibility of being stand-alone or network enabled. BACnet is a complete solution to help you deliver on your energy efficiency goals. It includes best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control and extensibility to include ancillary building services,combined with real-time information on building conditions and powerful energy management.