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HVAC Controls
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HVAC Controls

The Cylon UnitronUC32 product range offers best in class HVAC BMS controls that are fast and easy to install, and are distributed through a global network of approved System Integrators.  Cylon HVAC products have been installed across a range of industries.

Optimizing HVAC Controls

Cylon, in addition to an extensive range of HVAC products, offers the Cylon Active Energy Manager Tool that analyzes and optimizes HVAC controls performance. Over time, building energy performance can drift out of tolerance from the original design intent. Changes can occur in HVAC performance as a result of occupancy changes or building usage, or overriding and permanent adjustments to temperature set points resulting in simultaneous heating and cooling, manual locking of outside air dampers etc. 

The Cylon Active Energy Manager, analyzes and monitors performance, allowing the facilities manager to adjust and optimize HVAC controls for ideal occupancy comfort. 



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