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Greenview Building | China
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Case Study

Greenview Building | Beijing – China. Delivering energy savings in a multi-use large scale luxury development

Applications: Monitoring, Cooling, Heating, Air handling, Lighting, Metering, Natural ventilation, Lift monitoring, Electrical Supply Management, Fire Alarm
Points: 19,000
Number/Type of Building: 4 buildings
Network: Ethernet, Modbus
Cylon Hardware Installed: UnitronUC32 series
Cylon Software Installed: UCC, UEM
System Integrator: CNA CHINA CO. LTD


Greenview Building is the first luxury green building in Beijing. The building offers its occupants a luxury environment while being energy efficient. Its external Glass Shell makes great use of the natural daylight creating a bright airy space while creating a low energy design. Greenview is a 30,000 m² building. The total construction area is 200,000 m², which consists of 144,000 m² at the ground floor level. This building complex comprises of 4 towers which all include an environmentally friendly roof. The height of the highest tower is 78 meters while the lowest one is 41.7 meters. This project is located in the heart of Chaoyang District, Beijing city. Two of the towers comprise a reception area, a shopping center, a luxury office space and hotel accommodation.


Greenview Building is a sample of a large-scale luxury and modern building complex including the functions of office, service, leisure, entertainment and retail. The project has become a symbol among construction buildings in Beijing. The Cylon Building Energy Management System has played a fundamental role in this project. The Cylon BEMS doesn't only control the lighting, air conditioning and the level of humidity at all times, but also monitors the energy usage of the building. The Cylon BEMS ensures occupant comfort within the building while actively reducing energy consumption and costs.


“Using the Cylon BEMS allows me to monitor and control every subsystem. I can achieve the goal of energy saving and provide users with a comfortable working environment.”

Harry Yu , Technical Director, CNA