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Microsoft Headquarters - UK
smart energy solutions

Case Study

Microsoft European Head Quarters | Reading - UK

Applications: Monitoring, Heating, Air handling,Lighting, Metering
Number/Type of Building: 4 Buildings in 280,000 sq ft complex approx
Network: Arnet
Cylon Hardware Installed: UCC4, UC16 controllers
Cylon Software Installed: WN3000
System Integrator: System 4 Services Ltd



Founded in 1975, Microsoft now stands as the largest software company in the world. Riding on the success of its Windows and Office tools, Microsoft quickly expanded their products and services to cover and compete in a wide variety of areas. It has revenues of over $40B and 60,000 employees worldwide. Visitors arriving at the Microsoft EMEA headquarters complex in Reading are welcomed into a striking building with a large central atrium serving a number of functions: reception area, a place for small groups to hold business meetings or an informal meeting place for colleagues to sit and talk over a coffee.


Despite these different uses, the large air mass, and the fact that large glass entry doors open onto the atrium, air inside the building is always kept at a comfortable temperature. Maintaining the right environmental conditions is something Microsoft recognises as an essential aid to staff efficiency.


“The Cylon BMS system will take care of most energy related items and I know what performance I can expect from it”

Dawn Gilroy, Facilities Manager