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Cylon Launches a Global, Seamless Case Management System
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Cylon Launches a Global, Seamless Case Management System

Posted on May 14, 2019

On May 20th, Cylon is improving the technical support user experience with the launch of a global, automated ticketing system. The introduction of the new service allows for efficient submission, tracking, and management of support requests.

Using the new ticketing system is easy. With just a simple email request, you will experience a seamless case management process that will be supported and resolved by our team of dedicated Technical Support Group professionals.

New Features for Faster Response Times

You will notice a change in the way we communicate the status of your ticket to you. Submit an email to the Technical Services Group to begin your service request. You will immediately receive an email acknowledgment with an auto-generated case number. This serves as a notification to you that your support request has been received and your case is now open.

Direct calls to our support team will also be captured in the new system and a case number will be sent via email with a summary of the case and a case number.

The email acknowledgment you receive is the way you will interact back and forth with your Technical Support Group Specialist. All questions, requests, and communications are easily captured in the ticket and service information is always available to you through your email thread. The case number given in that email will follow your service until the issue is resolved. Once completed, that will end the email thread.

All tickets that are currently open in our legacy system will be transferred to the new system and be resolved from that platform. On May 20th, all new customer cases will use the automated support system.

We look forward to providing Cylon customers with the most responsive and highest quality technical support.