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NEW | CBXi BACnet IP Controller
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NEW | CBXi BACnet IP Controller

The CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H are fully programmable BACnet® Building Controllers (BTL B-BC listing pending) communicating on a BACnet® IP Local Area Network. Additionally, these controllers support routing for BACnet® MS/TP and integration support for Modbus® TCP or Modbus® RTU without the use of additional gateways.   

The newly released CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H are some of the most advanced BACnet® controllers of their kind, with on-board I/O, optional HOA, multi-protocol support and a range of FLX (Field Level eXpansion) modules, providing Cylon System Integrators with even greater control flexibility. 



Features of the CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H   

  • IP based BTL B-BC -listed (pending) 
  • Natively supports the routing of BACnet® MS/TP to BACnet® IP  
  • Supports the new Cylon eXplore touchscreen display and SiteGuide application, configurable via CXproHD  
  • Supports Cylon's Intelligent Sensor Series 
  • Up to 64 Points of control through the connection of three FLX (Field Level eXpansion) modules, with an extension to 96 points of control with FLX-PS24 (releasing late 2019) and five FLX modules
  • 8 Integral UniPuts™ + Relays included in the controller
  • 8 Integral Universal Inputs included in the controller 
  • 2 Internally Switched Ethernet Ports for connection in Star or Daisy-chain Flexible Wiring Topology 
  • CBXi-8R8(-H) | Hand/Off/Auto Local Override Function 
  • CBXi-8R8(-H) Integration platform with no gateways or additional hardware required  

Built for a wide range of energy management applications, the CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H are designed for intelligent control of HVAC equipment such as Central Plant, Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pump Systems, Air Handling Units (Constant Volume, Variable Air Volume and Multi-zone), Rooftop Units, Electrical systems such as lighting control, variable frequency drives and metering.  



Benefits of CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H   

CBXi-8R8-H with FLX modules 


  • Flexibility to expand with modular hardware design 
  • Reduced diagnostic time  
  • Efficient commissioning and testing 
  • Quick & easy installation 
  • Integration with CBX Series  
  • BACnet® MS/TP,  Modbus RTU integration with Cylon CB Series unitary equipment controllers 
  • FLX I/O expansion modules are common with the CBX Series  
  • BACnet® IP Communications: Natively supports the routing of BACnet® MS/TP to BACnet® IP via a dual port Ethernet switch (star or daisy chain topology) 
  • Supports Cylon’s graphical interfaces: Integrates with new eXplore and existing SiteGuide display, configurable via CXproHD