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NEW | eXplore Touch Screen
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NEW | eXplore Touch Screen

eXplore provides building operators and technicians visibility and control over their building automation. Available in two sizes, eXplore features an illuminated multi-touch high-resolution color touchscreen display and engages with operating parameters of an entire portfolio of buildings through Cylon ASPECT® or with a single Cylon CBXi controller through the Cylon SiteGuide application, making management of the connected HVAC equipment both intuitive and simple.  


Features of the eXplore Graphical Interface  

Designed with flexibility and control in mind, the Cylon eXplore puts building energy management at your fingertips; the interface allowing you to control your environment in an instant. With eXplore, users can easily manage operating parameters of the connected systems: monitoring values, equipment and system status, viewing trends and active system alarms to perform diagnostics and take corrective actions such as overriding or adjusting setpoints  


Benefits of eXplore  

  • Full HD resolution 
  • Easy to use SiteGuide controller interface
  • Support for Aspect® graphics and animations
  • Enables easy adjustment of set-points
  • Intuitive and easy to use 
  • Enables integration of different building systems into a single graphic through Aspect® software  
  • Control, monitoring and servicing of connected HVAC equipment such as central plants, boiler rooms or air handlers
  • Supervision and servicing of a single site (using ASPECT®) with a single controller