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1450 Brickell | Miami, FL
smart energy management

Case Study

Ease of Integration, Flexibility to Expand, & Multi-Tenant Billing

Applications: Active Energy Manager

Number/Type of Buildings: Commercial office and retail over 35 floors Size 582,000 square feet

Meters Connected: Approx. 100 meters

Use: Energy Awareness | Project Tracking | Tenant Billing


1450 Brickell is a 35-story, 582,000 square-foot office tower in Miami’s Brickell Financial District and has received LEED-Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), becoming the first of its kind in Miami. The building contains both commercial office and retail space. The building contains a significant number of sub electrical meters which are connected to the Schneider Building Automation System (BAS) and archived to an SQL database on the Tridium BAS Operator’s Workstation.



Cylon Active Energy installed a Data Collection Agent on the Tridium workstation via a remote session using the Remote Desktop application in Microsoft Windows. The Data Collection Agent is configured to query the SQL database and push the meter data to the Cylon Active Energy Manager cloud based solution on a regular basis, providing real-time information on energy consumption to the facilities team.

“Cylon Active Energy seamlessly integrated with our current systems and meters and now provides us with the information to sub bill our tenants and manage our energy efficiently” Leo Amador, Chief Engineer