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Cylon | Smart Energy Control

The Cylon Energy solution is a complete solution to help you deliver on your energy efficiency goals. It includes Cylon Controls UnitronUC32, best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control and extensibility to include ancillary building services. This is combined with real-time information on building conditions and powerful energy management delivered by Cylon Active Energy.


The Cylon UnitronUC32 product range

Unique flexibility:  The UnitronUC32 range uniquely with UniPut I/O offers maximised utilisation of controller capacity along with flexibility in strategy changes.  Built on a modern, web-based architecture, the UnitronUC32 range has a wide application scope with the flexibility of being stand-alone or network enabled. Easily customisable

Low total cost of ownership: The UnitronUC32 products are supplied through a global network of Approved Cylon System Integrators. This approach ensures competitive tenders for all projects, big or small. Advanced web based technology provides expanded facilities for maintenance personnel, while day to day access is offered via intuitive web pages.

Ease of Integration: UnitronUC32 provides a wide choice of integration options including BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, and OPC. Cylon's philosophy is to provide an open system that is truly future proof.


BACnet Solution

Cylon BACnet controllers offer unparalleled flexibility and performance on an open platform. They can be engineered over BACnet. The system can easily be extended by adding best of breed 3rd party devices on the same MS/TP network.

Cylon BACnet controllers are BTL certified by BACnet Testing Laboratory and listed as fully compliant with B-ASC requirements.  Read more about the Cylon BACnet solution or review Cylon BACnet compatible products.


Cylon Energy Solution

The Cylon Energy Solution is a cloud based energy measurement, monitoring and optimisation tool that enables the building manager or owner to control energy and maximise savings on energy use, costs, and further the lifespan of essential equipment.  
For a total energy management solution, the Cylon Active Energy Manager solution can be adapted to suit any type of building regardless of the BEMS or metering solution installed.   This makes the Cylon Energy Solution uniquely adaptable and flexible.  Learn about Cylon Active Energy and the Cylon Energy Solution.