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Building owners and facility managers

Cylon products and solutions, built on an open platform, offer flexible point configuration, are quick and easy to install. Enhanced diagnostic tools and software provide for strategy simulation and testing, efficient commissioning, and testing, resulting in a more robust solution with reduced installation, maintenance, and time on site.

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Cylon solution benefits | Building Owners & Facility Managers

Attract and retain tenants






Cylon Smart building solutions provide the flexibility tenants require to control and optimize workspaces while managing energy usage and reducing costs. Appeal to the demands of high-quality tenants through the installation, management, and maintenance of Cylon Smart HVAC, lighting, and room controls that provide improved air quality, light, and temperature control, which can lead to greater work productivity. 


Optimize Revenue


Flexible Design - the high level of configurability of the Cylon system enables the building owner to accommodate multi-tenants’ requirements very quickly and with minimum cost.


  • Reduce energy costs | ensure your building systems are operational only when needed versus expectation with HVAC scheduling and the application of intelligent sensor feedback

  • Prevent building energy drift of up to 20% per annum

  • Reduced operational costs | Resolve issues quickly with monitoring and control. ASPECT® provides alerts in real-time enable building managers to monitor equipment performance, track anomalies of operation outside of setpoints and scheduling, and react to resolve any issues quickly, reducing downtime.

  • Improve equipment lifespan through monitored maintenance | Future-proofing essential plant and equipment. On-going monitoring and historical alarms may point to additional problems that require maintenance.  Resolving issues early saves on more costly future replacement or repairs.

Enhanced energy efficiency



Cylon Active Energy Manager Cloud-based Energy Management tool

  • Increase a building’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs and carbon footprint
  • Reduce a buildings CO2 footprint
  • Manage building energy drift

Improve operations



  • Reduce time spent on analysis across mixed platforms

  • Operational efficiency: 24/7 web-enabled access to your BEMS. View and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules and more from any web-enabled device anywhere, any time

  • Simplify the management of a building portfolio across a wide geographical area

Improve occupant comfort



  • BEMS connected sensors such as light, temperature, CO2, occupancy data work together to provide a consistent environment for occupants

  • Put control in users' hands | With on-site UI eXplore, users can easily manage operating parameters of the connected systems: monitoring values, equipment and system status, viewing trends, and active system alarms to perform diagnostics and take corrective actions such as overriding or adjusting setpoints.
Scalable solutions  
  • ASPECT® Web-based Building Management Technology
  • INTEGRA™ Building Management System based on the Niagara Framework®
  • Future-proof architecture with upgrade paths
  • Upgrading solutions


Featured products

Cylon’s product range offers flexibility in strategy changes and maximized control utilization ideally suited to the changing demands of most facilities delivering the best in class IoT solution to address the increasing need for connected control.  View the full product range



ASPECT solution


eXplore touch screen



Active Energy Manager






eXplore Touch Screen


Active Energy Manager



ASPECT® is an award-winning scalable building energy management and control solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through standard building protocols (BACnet®, Modbus®, Ethernet, etc.) and common IT technologies.


Cylon eXplore graphical interface is an Internet of Things (IoT) touch-screen solution that is scalable and secure. Securely access, view, and engage with operating parameters of an entire enterprise portfolio of buildings or a single controller.


Active Energy Manager focuses on BEMS analysis and energy management to analyze energy consumption and target savings, providing scope for energy efficiency improvements and continuous commissioning.



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Featured solutions

Cylon's building energy management solutions have been installed in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. From large and small commercial offices, retail centres, schools and colleges, industrial buildings, health and leisure centres, hospitals, and hotels, one word means building control - Cylon.



Commercial buildings









Commercial building solutions


Healthcare solutions


University campus solutions



Cylon delivers scalable, front-end building automation solutions, open protocol building controls, and cloud-based energy analytic tools to meet the need of today's high-performance, green-conscious commercial facilities. Cylon can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing site, or upgrading current systems in a way that optimizes return on investment


As sophisticated needs and extended uptime lead to the high energy consumption of most hospitals and clinics, the healthcare sector offers an unparalleled opportunity for facility managers to optimize and increase energy savings. Whether you are targeting upgrades in an existing system or working to deliver a system-wide solution, Cylon offers the services and products required to meet both the HVAC and energy saving needs of today's healthcare facilities.


Many campuses are a combination of new, aging, and historic buildings, with a proliferation of varying HVAC and lighting systems, and a blend of modern, outdated, or non-existent BMS systems. For facility management teams, managing many disparate systems is time-consuming, operationally inefficient, and potentially costly in terms of energy consumption and equipment maintenance. Cylon smart building solutions integrate and simplify the control and management of campus BEMS



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