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ABB Cylon offers training to our Approved System Integrators only.  We do not offer courses to the general public.

We offer complete and comprehensive training programs for CXproHD and ASPECT®, ASPECT Advanced, and INTEGRA™ N4. Classes cover all technical facets associated with network design, controller installation, programming, scheduling, trending, and alarming. All training courses combine live instructor demonstrations, student exercises, and discussions on best practices.


Our training courses are designed to enhance proficiency and satisfaction with ABB Cylon products and solutions and we frequently host the following training courses for our Approved System Integrators:



This three-day course provides all necessary knowledge to create an ASPECT HTML5 user interface, programming, and design and will cover all modules required to operate ASPECT-Studio™. This course covers Using and Configuring ASPECT-Supervisor.

This advanced course is only available for engineers who have completed the 3day "Engineering the Unitron System" training course, and who are competent Unitron Engineers.

2. Engineering the Unitron System

This three-day intensive course is designed for commissioning and programming engineers who will need to know how to program the Unitron controllers and create strategies for different applications.

After this three-day course the trainee will be able to create strategies to control basic heating and lighting applications, and also learn how to program the keypad which interfaces with the Unitron UC32 range of controllers.

3. Advanced Engineering

This two-day course covers additional training modules on ABB Cylon's products and solution offerings. The course is a mixture of theory, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, and covers modules on the ABB Cylon Site Guide, KNX, M-Bus, Fidelio integration, Modbus, BACnet, OPC Server, Wireless Sensors, Web Solutions, Modems, and Remote Sites.  This course can also be customized for onsite delivery by choosing from the list of modules



4. End-user training

The 1 Day end-user supervisor course is designed to familiarise users with the main features of the Unitron System. On completion of the course, the user will understand the function of the Unitron Controllers and they will attain the capability to adjust operating parameters when necessary.  It will also cover the Unitron system hardware and network components.



5. Customized training

For companies requiring training for a group of people, we also provide customized training programs which can be conducted at our training centres, on your own premises or any other suitable location.  Customized training may include a mix of the following training modules, Site Guide, KNX, M-Bus, Fidelio integration, Modbus, BACnet, OPC Server, Wireless Sensors, Web Solutions, Modems and Remote Sites, interface driver, and more.


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