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Data Center integrated building management solution

With over 7,000 mega data centers worldwide, representing almost 2% of global energy consumption, data centers face increasing pressure to reduce and optimize energy usage, reduce carbon emissions while delivering efficient, reliable, and mission critical system operations. 

Cooling power in data centers is the biggest consumer of non-computing power
Up to 50% of energy usage in data centers is on cooling


Studies have shown that for every 1W of power utilized during the operation of servers an additional 0.5–1 W of power is consumed by the cooling equipment to extract the heat out from the data center.

The three major power consumers in data center HVAC includes fans (39%), chillers (39%, and cooling water pumps (18%). (source: IEEE) The efficient operation, maintenance and monitoring of these systems is central to the reduction of energy consumption and generation of energy savings for data center managers.



Solution overview


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Solution features and benefits

The ABB Cylon® Data Center integrated building management system offers:

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centralized control

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real time monitoring



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Ease of integration

ABB Cylon's series of IP building controllers provides multi-protocol management: Integrate BACnet®, Modbus, and other protocols into one common system with uniform data presentation
Provides ease of integration with a data center’s IT management services.
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Open System KNX and BACnet (MSTP and IP) field controllers with Modbus (RTU and TCP) extensions

Highly flexible, easily extendable, ABB Cylon also allows for straightforward expansion or upgrades to the BMS that may be required in years to come, future-proofing today's BMS installations.

  • Simplified integration with many third-party, non-HVAC systems, including lighting and energy management. ABB Cylon’s open platform solutions make integration with 3rd party systems and legacy systems easy, bringing all your building energy management systems together.

    • ABB Cylon BMS integrates seamlessly across IT networks, between buildings, and between remote sites.

    • ABB Cylon BMS is flexible and scalable with integrated web support, building control and management information are easily accessed and adjusted from standard web browsers.
The entire ABB Cylon range benefits from UniPut™ I/O technology for flexible point configuration and flexibility in strategy changes which has the benefit of minimizing the cost of design changes even at late stages in commissioning.

The INTEGRA-Solution(IoT) drivers available for both Open Protocols and proprietary systems.



Centralized automation control

The INTEGRA-Supervisor (IoT) software platform makes managing all buildings at an enterprise-level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and insights to optimize their system.


INTEGRA-Supervisor (IoT) software platform serves real-time graphical information to standard Web-browser clients and provides server-level functions including;


Energy optimization

ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System, an innovative cloud-computing platform designed to monitor, optimize, predict, and control the electrical system.


  • Collect and export data and historical trends, via on-demand query or automatic report scheduling.
  • Set effective benchmarks and compare them with best practices.
  • Predictive maintenance algorithm makes maintenance smarter, quicker, and less expensive enabling users to remotely monitor the health of their power system providing an accurate predictive maintenance analysis and optimizing service internals only when needed.
  • Analysis combines different key factors such as the Real-time number of mechanical operations, nominal current, overloads and short circuits, and environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, vibration, and corrosion.
  • Simplifies and enhances the analysis of power factor compensation, energy management, and cost allocation.

Real-time monitoring

The ABB Cylon BMS monitors system faults across all zones from a central point making maintenance faster and more responsive. Technical services managers can monitor all the integrated systems without having to visit various plants or zones.

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Real-time monitoring and predictive analysis enable the identification of temperature and humidity issues before they become critical events and affect up time.




The INTEGRA-Solution (IoT) is secure by default.


Powerful development and support

Anyone familiar with open Web development can now create a custom UI in Niagara.

  • Rich set of public APIs
  • Improved documentation with code examples
  • Semantic data modeling—developers can build applications directly compatible with Niagara
  • New UX framework is easy for Web developers to extend

Scalable solution

ABB Cylon smart building solutions provide flexible site control applications for small to large scale building management systems. Our highly flexible and easily extendable solutions also offer a consistent approach to the phased upgrade of legacy plant and new buildings.
CBXi series scalability is ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control. Designed from the ground up to be modular, can effectively address many HVAC applications ranging from air handling units to large scale HVAC plants.



Featured products

ABB Cylon connection solutions and products offer the flexibility and scalability to expand and grow with a dynamic modern commercial building seeking the best in class IoT solution to address the increasing need for connected control.  View the full product range








ABB Ability EDCS






ABB Cylon® CBXi - IP Controllers


ABB Ability™



The INTEGRA-Supervisor (IoT) software platform makes managing all buildings at an enterprise-level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and provides insights to optimize systems.


Built on an extendible platform, featuring 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs, and feature support for up to five FLX (Field Level eXpansion) Series extension modules providing a scalable solution from 16 up to 96 points of control.


ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System, innovative cloud-computing platform designed to monitor, optimize, predict, and control the electrical system.



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Solution flexibility

ABB Cylon provides connected building control and energy management solutions to consulting engineers and building owners through our global network of Approved System Integrators.


When you combine ABB Cylon's IP product range with INTEGRA™ and ABB Ability™ EDCS  you get an advanced, top to bottom Energy Management Solution that really delivers on your energy-efficient commitments and goals.


With backward compatibility built into the design of our products providing the ability to seamlessly upgrade systems over 10 years old, you can be confident that your investment in a Cylon building energy management system is secure.


 Consulting engineer


 System Integrator


 Building owner




When a consulting engineer chooses to work with an ABB Cylon System Integrator they access best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control, exceptional room controls, shading control, emergency lighting, security access controls, coupled with intelligent sensors and energy management and monitoring tools to develop truly world-class smart building solutions.   ABB Cylon solutions, built on an open platform, offer flexible point configuration, are quick and easy to install. Enhanced diagnostic tools and software provide for strategy simulation and testing, efficient commissioning and testing, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance time on site.   ABB Cylon Smart building Solutions provide facilities managers with the tools to anticipate and proactively respond to maintenance, comfort, and energy performance issues, resulting in better equipment maintenance, higher occupant satisfaction, and reduced energy consumption and costs.  


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