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EC 7.02
Take Control

EC 7.02

Engineering Centre EC7.02

Improved workflow, faster project development,
more consistent strategies and lower project cost!

Cylon EC7.02

The newly enhanced Cylon Controls Engineering Centre EC7.02 software provides all the tools for system integrators to quickly develop operational strategies for Cylon controller applications.

It enables improved productivity by providing built-in applications and automatic synchronisation with Cylon’s award-winning Aspect® front end controller dashboard and graphics.



Features Include

Unitron Upload

The Unitron upload feature can eliminate the requirement for
reengineering on a Cylon site

Unitron upload

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Aspect Export

Guaranteed Zero Data Entry Errors
from Engineering to Supervisor Software

Aspect Export screen shotsThe new Aspect Export functionality effortlessly and accurately exports all controller data, strategies, data logs, globals etc., from Engineering Centre to Aspect Studio supervisory software.The export process ensures high quality of data by:

Multi Sites Multi Applications

Dynamic Graphic Templates

Save time and improve quality of operator work station graphics


Reduce strategy development time

Extended Macro Library

The following macros are available as standard in the EC7.02 Macro Library:



  • Single Plant control
  • Twin plant control
  • Enthalpy Difference
  • Heating Cooling and Free
  • Energy Control
  • HWS Control
  • Reset
  • OAT Reset with room offset 




  • Sensor Alarm and Log
  • Sequence Control
  • Sequence Module
  • Damping
  • Fan Coil Unit
  • Frost Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Meter
  • Optimizer
  • Seven Day Clock 


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Point Name Prefix

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Pre-Configured Applications

Instead of having to develop strategies from “scratch”, and load a generic complete application strategy for an AHU with heating, cooling and full fresh air, you can start from a pre-configured application template. Then simply edit and tweak to your project specific requirements and load to your controllers.


There are more than 35 complete applications that can be deployed as is, or tailored to more specific requirements including:

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Application Simulation Feature

Time effective and efficient commissioning on site


The full simulation features allows you to test strategies off site, emulating the complete end to end strategy without the need to connect to the physical controller.

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