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Now more than ever, government and public sector buildings are under pressure to lead the way in achieving energy efficiency goals and reducing carbon emission in their buildings.

Buildings account for approximately 40% of the energy consumption and 36% of carbon dioxide emission in the European Union (EU). Publicly owned or occupied buildings represent about 10-12% by area of the EU building stock (source: eurosaiop)


ABB Cylon have been helping government buildings achieve energy efficiency savings with our smart connected range of HVAC controls, flexible lighting control and extensibility to include ancillary building services. This is combined with real-time information on building conditions and powerful energy management that analyzes energy consumption and target savings in a building, enabling energy efficiency improvements and the continuous commissioning of buildings.

A properly commissioned, installed and managed Building Energy Management System can yield up to 39% energy savings in offices, 34% in schools and 18% in hospitals, etc., resulting in real and significant savings on public funds.

Government buildings can save substantial utility costs with the installation of ABB Cylon smart building solutions that effectively manage HVAC and lighting, the largest users of energy in modern buildings, and prevent up to 20% building energy drift per annum through continuous monitoring and management of building energy usage with ABB Cylon energy management tools.

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Solution overview


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Solution benefits

ABB Cylon delivers scalable, front-end building management solutions, open protocol building controls, and cloud-based energy analytic tools to address the need for energy efficiency in any building. Cylon can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing site, or upgrading current systems in a way that optimizes return on investment.


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Ensure your building systems are operational only when needed versus expectation with HVAC and lighting scheduling and the application of intelligent sensor feedback.


Optimize energy consumption through a detailed analysis of energy usage with Active Energy Manager. There is no limit to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected making it the ideal tool for central monitoring and management of energy consumption.


View and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules, and more from any web-enabled device anywhere, any time.





Optimize revenue

Intelligent IoT BMS control | beyond automation

A well commissioned and programmed BMS will deliver on schedules, switching lightings on and off at set times/days and adjusting HVAC according to expected occupancy.


An intelligent IoT BMS goes beyond schedules and expectations and operates on actual sensor data to make adjustments, turn lights on and off, and adjust HVAC in meeting rooms depending on occupancy, no need to worry about lights being left on in empty meeting rooms all day.


And if it’s a brighter warmer day than expect, external temperature sensors, weather data, room light, and temperature sensors feed information back to the BMS causing it to react and make intelligent adjustments to lighting, shading, and HVAC to ensure occupant comfort is maintained at all times.


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Energy efficiency and consumption savings

Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization | Active Energy 

Reducing energy use and making real savings is impossible without good data on which to make management and investment decisions.

 Active Energy shows you how, where and when you are consuming energy

 Active Energy Manager


There are no limits to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to the system which makes it an ideal central energy monitoring and management tool for multisite and multi-building organizations. 


Active Energy  issues alarms via email and push notification services when it detects anomalies in expected consumption, putting you in control.





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Solution features

Flexible and reliable web-based Building Management Solution





Ease of integration


ABB Cylon smart building solutions provide flexible site control applications for small to large scale building management systems. Our highly flexible and easily extendable solutions also offer a consistent approach to the phased upgrade of legacy plant and new buildings.





Solution flexibility

ABB Cylon provides connected building control and energy management solutions to consulting engineers and building owners through our global network of Approved System Integrators.


When you combine ABB Cylon’s highly robust, reliable, and flexible CB Line product range with our SaaS energy management expertise you get an advanced, top to bottom Energy Management Solution that really delivers on your energy-efficient commitments and goals.


With backward compatibility built into the design of our products providing the ability to seamlessly upgrade systems over 10 years old, you can be confident that your investment in a Cylon building energy management system is secure.


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When a consulting engineer chooses to work with an ABB Cylon System Integrator they access best in class HVAC control, flexible lighting control, exceptional room controls, shading control, emergency lighting, security access controls, coupled with intelligent sensors and energy management and monitoring tools to develop truly world-class smart building solutions.   ABB Cylon solutions, built on an open platform, offer flexible point configuration, are quick and easy to install. Enhanced diagnostic tools and software provide for strategy simulation and testing, efficient commissioning and testing, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance time on site.   ABB Cylon Smart building Solutions provide facilities managers with the tools to anticipate and proactively respond to maintenance, comfort, and energy performance issues, resulting in better equipment maintenance, higher occupant satisfaction, and reduced energy consumption and costs.  


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Featured products

ABB Cylon connection solutions and products offer the flexibility and scalability to expand and grow with a dynamic modern commercial building seeking the best in class IoT solution to address the increasing need for connected control.  View the full product range


ASPECT solution


CBXi Series



Active Energy Manager






ABB Cylon® CBXi - IP Controllers


ABB Cylon® Active Energy



ASPECT is an award-winning scalable building energy management and control solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through standard building protocols (BACnet®, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) and common IT technologies.


Built on an extendible platform, featuring 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs, and support for up to five FLX (Field Level eXpansion) Series extension modules providing a scalable solution from 16 up to 96 points of control.


Active Energy focuses on BMS analysis and energy management to analyze energy consumption and target savings, providing scope for energy efficiency improvements and continuous commissioning.



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Featured installations

ABB Cylon Smart Building Management Solutions have been installed all over the world in a diverse range of buildings from stand-alone buildings to multi-site campus-style locations, multi-occupant buildings, unique usage buildings, large scale projects, and prestigious buildings. ABB Cylon provides solutions for the private and public sector, commercial offices, retail centres, schools and colleges, industrial buildings, health and leisure centres, hospitals, and hotels maximizing comfort and efficiency.