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Beaumont Primary School
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Case Study

Beaumont Primary School | Suffolk UK - Sophisticated Monitoring for Energy Efficiency in a Complex Building

Applications: Monitoring, Heating, Air handling, Lighting, Metering, Electrical Supply    Management, Water usage applications
Number/Type of Building: 200 points/ 1 building
Network: Arcnet
Cylon Hardware Installed: UCC4, UCKRA420, 14 UCxxPG-R, Terminal Server
Cylon Software Installed: WN3000
System Integrator: CJ Ringwood Control Systems




Beaumont Primary school opened in September 2003 and was designed with sustainability in mind and includes many environmental and energy-saving features. The £2 million school was designed by Suffolk County Council's Property Division Design Group and built by Barnes Construction. It is a 1,200 m single storey building that accommodates 140 pupils aged 5-11 years and a further 25 pre-school children in an integral nursery unit. As well as being conceived to minimize environmental impact, the building has also been designed to require minimal maintenance, thereby reducing its overall lifecycle costs.

The Energy Practice Ltd. was engaged as energy and design consultants with part of their brief to review sustainability of the base design and to show by production life cycle analysis the impact of green design features for both the building and engineering services requirements. The school is built with renewable products and includes a mix of environmentally friendly systems including a wind turbine, photovoltaic cells on the roof, rainwater harvesting, underfloor heating and thermal storage systems.

“The children can see how the Cylon system works through graphics and animation, and this encourages them to be more energy aware from a young age while fundamentally decreasing carbon emissions to ensure a better and safer environment for the children as they grow up.”

Robert Reeves, The Energy Practice Ltd.


Case Study [Pdf Download]