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Case Study

RPA | 150,000Kg CO2 Saved in One Year

Applications: Active Energy Manager
Number/Type of Building: 2 Office Buildings, 4 floors each. 3563 m2
Payback on investment: 3 months
CO2 Savings: 150,000KgCo2 per annum
Energy Cost Savings: €33,000 per annum
Electrical Savings: 25% per annum
Natural Gas Savings: 37% per annum




The Railway Procurement Agency is a State Agency of the Department of Transport in the Republic of Ireland charged with the development of light railway and metro infrastructure. It was established in December 2001. The RPA's main role is to oversee the operation of the Luas light rail system, along with the planning and construction of new light rail and metro lines for Dublin.


The RPA’s head office is located in Dublin, and consists of 2 buildings, each with 4 floors and a total floor space of 3563 sq. metres, across the two buildings. Each building is conditioned with airside fan coil units with heating provided to the fan coil units by gas boilers and chilled water via an air-cooled chiller. An air handling unit provides fresh air make up in each building.


As a public body, the RPA is committed to a target of 33% energy savings by 2020. The RPA has been proactive in attaining this goal and has undertaken a number of initiatives in this regard. The RPA’s Green Team which was established to help facilitate these 2020 targets conducted an energy audit, which identified, among other things, the need for an energy monitoring and targeting solution.

“The Cylon Active Energy Manager quickly identified exactly where we needed to make changes to our operating systems, which generated the type of energy efficiencies that will help us in the attainment of our 2020 energy targets.” Eugene Murtagh , Senior Systems Engineer, Rail Procurement Agency


Case Study [Pdf Download]