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Solaris Centre Blackpool
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Solaris Centre | Blackpool – UK. Central Control of a Diverse Building in a Larger Network

Applications:   Under floor Heating, CHP, Temperature, Rain Water Harvesting, Natural Ventilation (control window openings)
Number of Points:  100
Number/Type of Building:  One of 30 buildings using Cylon at Blackpool Council
Network:  Arcnet
Cylon Hardware Installed:   UCC4, UCXX Controllers
Cylon Software Installed:  WN3000 UEC Software
System Integrator:  JBC Control Systems Limited




The old Solarium has risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of dereliction to become the new Solaris Centre. In keeping with its original use as a sunroom the new building uses the power of sunlight to provide some of the building's electricity via the photovoltaic roof.


The new Solaris Centre is a low energy building that showcases sustainable design and renewable energy sources.


The building can generate 35KW of electricity and any surplus electricity is sold back to the National Grid. The wind turbines generate up to 6KW each and the 232m² photovoltaic roof panels can generate 18KW.


There is a passive solar heating panel on the roof that pre-warms the water in the central heating system so that the boiler doesn't have to work so hard. The wind turbines start generating electricity at wind speeds of only 3mph and are at almost 80% capacity by 10mph. The average wind speed for Blackpool is 13.5mph and the average output is calculated to be 45 KW/day from each turbine. They can withstand hurricane-force winds and will continue to work up to 150 mph! The Unitron System is used to manage electrical consumption, underfloor heating, CHP, temperature, rainwater harvesting and controls the natural ventilation (controlled window openings) in the Solaris building. The BMS was installed by JBC Control Systems Limited.

“Cylon provides me with powerful remote monitoring and the real time energy performance data I need” 

Andy Duckett, Energy Manager


Case Study [Pdf Download]