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NEW | ASPECT® 3.02
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NEW | ASPECT® 3.02

ASPECT® 3.02 Building Energy Management

ASPECT® 3.02 is an award-winning scalable building energy management and control solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through standard building protocols (BACnet, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) and common IT technologies available on a wide array of computers and smart devices, both iOS and Android. 

Aspect shown on smart devices


Seamlessly Integrating Buildings and Business

Manage your building the same way you manage your business with ASPECT® 3.02



Straightforward & Uncomplicated

Aspect on Mobilephones


Get real-time information, analyze data and make operational decisions, or even change settings through the business programs and apps you are already using on your computer, tablet and smart phone.

Facilities managers and end-users can modify trends, setpoints, schedules and more—on the fly—from web-enabled PCs and mobile devices.

By leveraging push notification services, such as PushOver®, ASPECT®  sends reliable instant notices to Android®, iOS or desktop devices in greater detail than traditional SMS.

Reports can be generated and sent via email—automatically—at regularly scheduled intervals, and immediately when triggered by equipment failures and alarms. 



Work with what you already know

ASPECT® technology works seamlessly with commonly-used business tools and any standard internet browser (Google Chrome®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Safari®, Firefox® and Opera®)


Work more efficiently with a simplified dashboard interface

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Stay a step ahead with enhanced security


Go with the flow of ever-changing business spaces

Unitron Driver | Upgrade and Integration: 

Unitron customers can upgrade and integrate with ASPECT® via the Unitron driver, this driver offers superior integration that reads and writes points, collects trends, collates alarms, distributes schedules, and provides Unitron users with all the benefits of the ASPECT®-UI and functionality.




A Solution that fits  



MATRIX series 















MATRIX Series provides traditional building control features such as alarming, scheduling, trending and custom programming.

The result is a flexible area control solution for BEMS.  




NEXUS™ Series gives you access
to traditional BEMS capabilities, centralised web access, historical database storage and more. 


ASPECT-Enterprise provides the same extensive BEMS features, installed on VmWare servers to meet common IT specifications for hosting by the end-user.

This gives you greater freedom and fewer restrictions for on-site installations.




Smaller Facilities

Download MATRIX Datasheet


Large/Multi-Site Buildings

Download NEXUS Datasheet


Large/Multi-Site Buildings

Download ASPECT-Enterprise Datasheet




Put it all together

ASPECT-Studio™, our innovative and simplified system design tool, makes it easy to build and configure your BEMS to match the way you work. This graphical programming tool is used to create and define the system, including logical sequences, historical entities, schedule functions and user interface environments. It allows you to view and change BEMS settings from web-enabled devices with no additional plug-ins or engineering. Download the Aspect Studio Datasheet.



System Architecture

Download and view the System Architecture for the Cylon ASPECT® 3.02 Solution


ASPECT® 3.02 Brochure

Download the Aspect 3.02 Brochure