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Cylon offer training to our Approved System Integrators only.  We do not offer courses to the general public.

The Cylon training courses are designed to enhance proficiency and satisfaction with Cylon products and solutions and we frequently host the following training courses for our Approved System Integrators:


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1. Engineering the Unitron System

Duration: 3 Days


This three day intensive course is designed for commissioning and programming engineers who will need to know how to program the Unitron controllers and create strategies for different applications. It is the most comprehensive of all Cylon courses. After this three day course the trainee will be able to create strategies to control basic heating and lighting applications, they will also learn how to program the keypad which interfaces with the Unitron UC32 range of controllers.



A knowledge of BMS systems is assumed and basic computer skills a requirement.


Engineering the Unitron System Modules:

1.  UC32.24/UC32.16/UC32.12 field controllers

2.  UCU Controllers

3.  UC32.NetK Communications Controllers

4.  The Unitron Network

5.  Site Configuration

6.  ETV6 and creating strategies

7.  Creating Keypad strategies

8.  Alarm Handling

9.  Defining Datalogs

10. Creating Time Schedules

11. Creating Graphics using CCDraw/Globals

12. Active Energy SaaS Platform



Cylon Controls UK Head Office , Birmingham




2. Aspect Training

Duration: 2 Days


This course provides all necessary knowledge to create an Aspect HTML5 user interface, programming and design, and will cover all modules required to operate Aspect Studio.

This course covers Using and Configuring Cylon's Aspect Supervisor.



This advanced course is only available for engineers who have completed the 3 day "Engineering the Unitron System" training course, and who are competent Unitron Engineers.


Aspect Training Modules:

1.    Aspect Controller Configuration

2.   Create a project with Aspect Studio

3.   Controller networks, devices and data points

4.   Trend records and spark lines

5.   User management

6.   Alarm management

7.   Schedules

8.   Create templates

9.   Create HTML5 graphics (including animations)

10. Configuration of different styles

11. Create dynamic GLT graphics pages



Cylon Controls UK Head Office, Birmingham


For more information please contact your Business Development Manager.  To book please login to the secure Cylon Support Site 



3. Advanced Engineering and Customised Training

Available on request



For details of courses and available training dates, please log in to the secure support area.