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BACnet Case Studies
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BACnet Case Studies

Cylon BACnet enabled products have been installed across a broad and diverse range of sectors, from colleges to vast multi-story commercial buildings.

Walkie Talkie building London UK

Walkie Talkie | Cylon BACnet Installation by Eton Associates

By utilising a Tridium Niagara, Jace, Cylon solution, the building offers a full open protocol solution providing incoming tenants with the opportunity to install their preferred BACnet control solution on a floor by floor basis. Download the Cylon BACnet Walkie Talkie Casestudy



Theobalds Road, London

Lacon House | Cylon BACnet Installation by Eton Associates

By utilising the Cylon ViperAX Head End software the existing control system in the building, in this case Trend IQ3, was fully integrated into a BACnet solution. Download the Cylon BACnet Lacon House Casestudy



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