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Green Screen
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Green Screen

The Green Screen is a web based public information display that communicates information on a building’s energy performance and provides tips and recommendations of how employees can assist in reducing energy consumption.


By publically engaging people in energy efficiency behavioural change, there is the potential to improve energy efficiency by a further 5% over other energy efficiency measures in an organisation. It also goes beyond the building bringing this positive behaviour into the wider public arena. The GreenScreen forms part of the Cylon Active Energy Management product range.


Voya EDU screen shots


Features of The Green Screen 

  • Real time data
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to display
  • Frequent automatic updates
  • Web access



Benefits of The Green Screen

  • Improve building energy performance
  • Energy savings of up to 5% over other energy efficiency measures through behavioural change
  • Reduce cost and carbon footprint
  • Increases awareness & encourages behavioural change
  • Communicates energy policy & strategy to the public
  • ISO 50001 compatible

“A key component of our sustainability programme is to manage our energy use more effectively in order to achieve our 33% energy reduction target by 2020. Cylon Active Energy offers a unique way to do this through their public energy display” 



Customers Include:

  • MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • The University of Salford
  • DCU (Dublin City University)
  • DAA (Dublin Airport Authority)
  • UCD (University College Dublin)
  • and many more...


Interested in learning more about Green Screen?  

Contact us via email or on Tel: +44 870 178 1800