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NEW | CBX System

CBX System

The CBX-8R8 and CBX-8R8-H are fully programmable BTL-listed BACnet® Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) that communicate on an RS-485 local area network using the BACnet® MS/TP and feature support for Modbus® RTU devices. Modbus® allows integration of devices into control strategy such as motor drives, meters and other sensors.


Each feature rich controller includes: 8 UniPuts™ with Relays and 8 Universal Inputs. UniPuts™ are hardware connections that can be configured as inputs or outputs (software selectable).  The CBX Series’ 16 on-board I/O can be expanded up to 64 points using the FLX Series of Field Level eXpansion modules.  



CBX-8R8-H controller from Cylon Controls




The CBX-8R8(-H) is designed for a wide range of applications for intelligent control of HVAC equipment, lighting control and electrical systems including metering applications.



CBX System

The CBX System is the most advanced BACnet® controller of its kind, with on-board I/O, optional HOA, multi-protocol support and a range of FLX expansion modules.The CBX Series’ 16 on-board I/O can be expanded up to 64 points using the FLX Series of Field Level eXpansion modules.


The fully programmable CBX-8R8 and CBX-8R8-H, with this range of FLX modules can be tailored to meet an extensive variety of applications by creating and modifying strategies using the new CXproHD Engineering Software.


The CBX-System range of products are designed to work as part of Cylon’s dual-platform offering and can be used as a field level BACnet® MS/TP controller for the APSECT® Control Engine (MATRIX™ and NEXUS™) or INTEGRA™ N4 (IT-8000).


CBX Product models










Other Features Include:

CBX-8R8-H with FLX modules




cost effective solution


Quick & Easy Installation with Modular Hardware Design


Reduced Diagnostic Time


Reduce Time On-Site


Efficient Post Installation Checks and Testing


Flexibility to Expand

FLX Range