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The FLX-PS24 power supply module is designed to deliver reliable and consistent output power to the Field Level eXpansion I/O modules.  The FLX-PS24 can be used to extend the distance between the remote mounting of FLX I/O modules and Cylon’s CBX or CBXi BACnet® field controllers.  The power supply module can also be used to power field devices that require DC power when connected to the CBX and CBXi controllers.   



 FLX-PS24 side view
















The FLX-PS24 carries power and inter-module communications from the CBX or CBXi to the FLX bus to enable the connection of additional FLX modules, allowing the CBXi to be expanded to 96 I/O points. It can also be used to facilitate remote locating of FLX modules in a CBX or CBXi System, providing local grounding. The power supply module can deliver power for loads up to 25 W.  The consumption of downstream FLX modules and field devices can vary.  The Power Consumption table can be used to calculate the consumption of the FLX I/O modules.  


The power supply module facilitates flexible mounting of the CBX/CBXi and its associated FLX modules either in a single row or multiple rows using the FLX-RMC Remote Module Connector 



FLX-PS24 with modules


Download the FLX-PS24 Datasheet