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SiteGuide V2.2
Take Control

SiteGuide V2.2

Cylon SiteGuideV2.2 | The Power to Control


Cylon SiteGuide V2.2  is a touchscreen front end for the UnitronUC32 Building Energy Management System (BEMS) which allows users to take control of their environment and save energy. Designed with flexibility and control in mind, the Cylon SiteGuide puts building management at your fingertips.



Control your environment in an instant 

setpointsChange Set Points

schedulesCreate and Adjust Schedules

alarmsAlarm Notifications

datalogAccess Data logs

grouped siteguide images


 Simple Navigation

 Sharper Display


 *Compatibility Note: This device is only supported by the new .net.  Any UC32Net whose serial number begins with CNEM has the potential, after a firmware upgrade to support the SiteGuide V2  product. The older UC32Net serial numbers begin with CNET.