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Cylon BACnet Solution
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Cylon BACnet Solution

Cylon BACnet® End to End Solution

Cylon BACnet hardware and software products are specifically designed from the ground up to operate with the BACnet protocol. 

The BACnet range of controllers from Cylon offers ease of integration and reduced costs for training, implementation, rollout and maintenance.

Modular, extendible packages, along with low installation costs ensure a low cost entry point for building control.   

The Cylon BACnet solution maximises compatibility with existing IT and BEMS infrastructures and preserves investments as Building Energy Management Systems and IT technologies evolve. 


Cylon BACnet Controllers

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Cylon BACnet controllers offer unparalleled flexibility and performance on an open platform. They can be engineered over BACnet.

The system can easily be extended by adding best of breed 3rd party devices on the same MS/TP network. Cylon Unitary BACnet controllers are certified by BACnet Testing Laboratory and are certified as B-AAC controllers.  Look up Cylon BACnet BTL products here





The Cylon BACnet Solution includes:  


Benefits of Cylon BACnet



Cylon BACnet Installations

Cylon BACnet enabled products have been installed across a broad and diverse range of sectors, from colleges to vast multi-story commercial buildings. See below some sample installations:

Chiswick and Fenchurch street







Technical Support

Cylon has a dedicated technical support team trained in BACnet that work directly with system integrators and consultant engineers. The team provides a totally flexible service to customers. Highly skilled engineers are on call by telephone, email or on-site support as required. They can provide assistance with system design or training in using Cylon products.


With a programme of continuous research and development, Cylon stands over the reliability of its software and hardware products. 


Interested in learning more about Cylons BACnet Solution please contact your Cylon Approved System Integrator.