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Integration Solution
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Integration Solution

The right integration at the right level - Cylon's philosophy is to provide an open system that is truly future proof.


Unitron UC32 IntegrationBuildings moving into a blue sky

  1. OPC Server

    OPC Server extends UnitronUC32 integration beyond building services. OPC Server suite is a set of applications that allow communication between UnitronUC32 BMS sites and 3rd party devices or software using the standard OPC interface. It is primarily intended for use with SCADA software supervisors.

  2. Modbus

    Modbus is a communication protocol that allows communication between Unitron controllers and thirdparty devices, such as electricity meters, generators and chillers, which use the Modbus or Jbus protocol. It defines how a controller will react to requests from other devices, and how it will make requests to third party devices. Unitron Communications Controllers are available with Modbus capability, and can be configured for Modbus Master or Modbus Slave operation for communicating with 3rd party meters and plant.

  3. KNX Gateway

    KNX technology bridges the gap between natural ventilation and HVAC. The Cylon KNX gateway allows the Cylon BEMS control the complete building including blinds, window opening, traditional mechanical plant and lighting. KNX technology is an open standard for all applications in building control created through the merger of EIB, EHS and Batibus standards - bringing together the best of the three standards. The Cylon KNX Gateway provides an interface between Unitron BEMS networks and KNX/ EIB networks, allowing Unitron to control KNX/EIB equipment and read KNX/EIB data. (video)

  4. M-Bus Gateway Pack

    The M-Bus Gateway Pack provides an interface between UnitronUC32 BEMS networks and M-Bus meters, allowing Unitron to read and write M-Bus data. This pack contains both the M-Bus Gateway and the M-Bus physical converter and supports up to 60 meters (600 M-Bus signals).

  5. Fidelio Gateway

    The Fidelio Gateway provides an interface between Unitron BEMS networks and Micros Fidelio system, allowing UnitronUC32 to read room check-in status. The gateway supports up to 2,000 datapoints (rooms). Easily configured using Cylon Gateway Configuration Tool software. Designed to interface directly with UC32.netK Communications Controllers.

  6. SMS Gateway

    SMS Gateway is an optional feature that enables delivery of alarms using SMS text messaging. The software and SMS modem connect directly to the Supervisor PC. This enables delivery of alarms using SMS text messaging without the need for internet connections, email access or SMS service centres. To get up and running, all you need is a SIM card from your preferred GSM provider, the Cylon SMS Gateway software and the GSM SMS modem connected to the PC. Setting up the recipients is done using the Unitron Command Centre



BACnet is the international standard that provides peer to peer integration over TCP/IP.

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