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ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
Smart Energy Control

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Active Energy Manager and the Achievement and Maintenance of ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard


Active Energy Manager was developed by Cylon Controls, one of the largest independent BEMS (Building Energy Management System) controls manufacturers in Europe.   With more than 30 years in the BEMS industry Cylon understands buildings.


Award winning, Active Energy Manager provides cloud-based, real-time energy management to monitor, analyse and optimise the energy consumption of facilities, regardless of size, number of buildings, or geographical location.


Active Energy Manager Supports the Achievement and Maintenance of ISO50001 Energy Management System





To plan your energy guidelines you must understand your energy usage.  Active Energy Manager Analysis tool is ideal for identifying significant areas and patterns of energy usage and consumption which can help in setting baselines and targets for measuring energy performance improvements. 


Analysis of usage patterns can help identify where equipment may have been scheduled incorrectly, where set points have been inappropriately set e.g. temperatures set without taking into account external temperature, occupancy numbers, time of day etc. and may indicate where occupants are over riding the system, or highlight instances of inefficient use of equipment e.g. heating and cooling running simultaneously.





Firstly, an energy review has to be conducted. The energy review defines a baseline and target and is used as evidence of energy performance improvement.   Active Energy Manager Analysis and Charting tools can help you:




With Active Energy Manager you can set targets against schedules and adjust as appropriate with driving factors such as fluctuating occupancy and changing weather conditions to produce realistic energy consumption targets.


Share energy usage and performance information quickly and easily with user generated tailored energy reports. This detailed and robust data will give greater meaning to and support the development of energy policies.




Track and review energy consumption trends with Active Energy Manager charting feature.  Compare time periods, buildings across a portfolio or different floors in one facility.  Generate energy consumption reports with Active Energy Manager Reporting tool to share with key stakeholders.  


Maintain energy efficiencies and savings already made and prevent building performance drift through continuous monitoring and analyse energy performance via Active Energy Manager.





With Active Energy Manager Analysis and Reports tools you can identify changes in energy performance providing the data you need to adjust energy performance, and make subsequent changes in energy policy, objectives, targets or baselines.


You can monitor performance and review reports at any time by accessing the Active Energy Manager on-line via any internet enabled device.  You can also monitor on the go with the Cylon Active Energy smart phone application.






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