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eBuilding Controller
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eBuilding Controller

eSCi-8R8-H  (eBuilding System Controller)



The eBuilding System Controller (eSCi) from Cylon Controls is a facility level controller that delivers cost effective control solutions for a variety of building sizes and building subsystems such as HVAC and lighting.



The eSCi allows building managers to monitor and control thousands of facilities from a single location. Data from all the eSCi controllers is delivered to a single eBuilding Site Server and displayed on a common web browser. A simple menu screen allows for quick navigation to any specific store and the detailed store pages present a customized and user-friendly view of the single building.


The eSCi utilizes Cylon's latest IP based, web enabled CBXi platform to present two models of the eBuilding controller. Both the eSCi-8x8 and eSCi 16x16 feature integrated I/O that can be easily configured to meet the most complex retailer's needs.


The eSCi controller family provides backward compatibility and continuity to our existing Teletrol customers by harnessing the power of the new platform through a simplified upgrade program.