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Retail Solutions | Monitoring

One place to analyze and control your stores

EMS Integrates, Controls, Monitors, and Measures Your Systems

Retailers look to Cylon Retail Solutions for energy management solutions that reduce energy costs and increase shopper comfort. Cylon Retail Solutions hardware and software components readily adapt to a wide variety of small and big-box store systems and configurations.


Data-Driven Performance and Optimization

The current generation of automated monitoring & metering technology gives multi-site retailers the ability to measure, collect, and analyze energy usage, from advanced devices such as electricity meters, gas meters, and water meters. Cylon Retail Solutions metering solutions can help you save on energy costs.

Detailed and real-time insight into energy use through metering and sub-metering technology is key to any advanced energy management strategy. What if you could leverage real-time metering information to shed excess electricity use on-demand for the best utility rates possible? Cylon Retail Solutions metering solutions allow you to:

  • Compare real-time store-to-store energy use
  • Automate load shedding via a web-based system
  • Conduct auto-verification of energy use and billing data 


Robust power & utility monitoring

Cylon Retail Solutions power and utility monitoring ensure you aware of any power fluctuation or outage. It helps you understand where and how energy is being consumed in your retail stores by monitoring electricity, gas, and water meters - providing new insights and identifying potential savings. Its intuitive dashboard flags areas of unusual energy use and other anomalies, enabling you to take fast action before the higher-than-usual bill arrives.


Simplified scheduling across an entire network of stores

Simplify day-to-day operations 

  • Optimize your buildings with engineering efficiencies and user-friendly functionality, like drag-and-drop trending, one-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like scheduling, and easy-to-use alarms.
  • Energy Managers and Store Operators can use the simplified store scheduling interface to control and customize systems at each location or in regions.

24/7 Monitoring on the go

  • A fully functioning user interface operates on a standard web browser for access to information 24/7.
  • Robust mobile apps provide a portable user interface to view information and manage facilities on the go.


Personalize your workspace

The attractive, modern user interface can be organized by individual users to suit their needs, and these preferences follow them regardless of where they log in. 

Contact our team to find out how Cylon Retail Solutions can have a customized and flexible energy management solution working for you within 30 days.