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Multi-Site Retail Solution
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Multi-Site Retail Solution

Cylon Retail Solutions - Energy Management System (EMS)

Cylon provides an advanced Energy Management System (EMS) designed to specifically meet the demands of today's multi-site retailers. The EMS consists of eSCi building controls, Envoy, and the powerful Active Energy management tool.

The EMS can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, optimize store operations, and provide detailed reporting.

Active Energy enables central monitoring and management of multiple sites regardless of geographical location and delivers energy performance and analysis information via any internet-enabled device. The toolkit includes reporting tools such as charting, analysis, and alarming, via simple and user-friendly interfaces and alerts. These tools allow the users to monitor energy performance in real-time, to receive alarms during periods of energy consumption change, and most importantly, to take any required action.

EMS is an innovative, proven solution that’s easy to implement, use, and expand. That’s why many of the world’s top retailers already use Cylon Retail Solutions to control energy costs significantly while ensuring customer comfort, and why energy and facilities managers rely on it every day in every store.


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Solution overview

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Solution benefits

shopper comfort


Central control


energy management




Control | Create a consistent customer environmental experience with efficiently controlled HVAC and lighting.


Monitoring | Deliver on operational cost savings through centralized monitoring of essential plant and equipment from any internet-enabled device.


Analyze | Optimise energy consumption through a detailed analysis of energy usage throughout a retail estate irrespective of location.





Control | Smart and efficient HVAC control

Whether it is cold or hot outside customers are more likely to stay longer and buy more when shopping in a controlled air-conditioned environment.

HVAC control - Retail

29% of energy used in retail applications is on heating which provides opportunity for energy cost savings.

Cylon Retail Solutions integrates with the world’s leading HVAC systems to gain new control over how stores are using energy. Advanced algorithms automatically turn key systems on and off for smart usage—and to ensure a comfortable ambient environment in every store, adjusting as conditions change. By integrating with our EMS, energy managers can participate in demand response and demand limiting programs to save even more.


Our optional integrated thermostat-HVAC controllers eliminate the need for controls mounted in rooftop units, lowering install costs, and reducing service costs. With our additional systems monitoring capabilities, store operations can monitor the performance of each unit to determine if they are operating at peak efficiency.

Cylon Retail Solutions energy management solutions allow you to:


Smart strategies can produce meaningful savings


Control | Optimize and enhance lighting

Cylon Retail Solutions EMS gives your team detailed visibility in lighting use across your stores. By using this aggregate data, you can build a consistent lighting strategy to extend the life of your investment while reducing reliance on store staff to manually adjust lighting as necessary?


By creating logical lighting zones that automatically change by pre-established time setpoints, store staff can focus on shopper comfort and store operations can rest easy knowing that the store is using only the energy it needs – when it needs it.


lighting interior store


50% of energy consumed in non food retail and 25% in food retail, is on lighting


Simplified lighting schedules


Access alerts via smart devices



  • A fully functioning user interface operates on a standard web browser for access to information 24/7.

  • Robust mobile apps provide a portable user interface to view information and manage facilities on the go.


Cylon Retail Solutions Energy Management System helps retailers reduces energy consumption by as much as 30% or more.


Lighting forms an important part of the visual display of merchandise and provides a safe environment for both customers and staff there are areas where savings can be made:



Monitor | Centralized control

Central control

With centralized visibility, you can reduce emergency service calls and preserve your operating margin. What would it mean to your business if you could save countless hours every month spent reacting to unforeseen outages. 


With the Cylon Retail Solution, alarms are created and alerts sent to facility managers or a central Bureau when equipment faults are detected allowing for early and swift maintenance.

Data-driven performance and optimization

Detailed and real-time insight into energy use through metering and sub-metering technology is key to any advanced energy management strategy.

Meter monitoring in realtime

What if you could leverage real-time metering information to shed excess electricity use on-demand for the best utility rates possible? Cylon Retail Solutions metering solutions allow you to:

Optimize your buildings with engineering efficiencies and user-friendly functionality, like drag-and-drop trending, one-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like scheduling, and easy-to-use alarms. 



Robust power & utility monitoring

Cylon Retail Solutions power and utility monitoring keep you aware of any power fluctuation or outage. It helps you understand where and how energy is being consumed in your retail stores by monitoring electricity, gas, and water meters - providing new insights and identifying potential savings. Its intuitive dashboard flags areas of unusual energy use and other anomalies, enabling you to take fast action before the higher-than-usual bill arrives.



Analyze | Optimize energy

Active Energy is a powerful cloud-based energy analysis tool that simplifies energy management by centralizing energy use analytics and reporting into one easy to use platform, it transforming raw data into meaningful information that fosters informed decision making, visualizes and tracks energy use in real-time for multi-site customers. 


 A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit
as a 5% increase in sales


Active energy manager screen


Limitless connections
There is no limit to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to the system making it the ideal tool for central monitoring and management of energy consumption for multi-site retail organizations with a number of building locations.


Hardware agnostic
Active Energy Manager is hardware agnostic and can be connected to most building energy management systems (BEMS) either directly, via BACnet or via the SQL or MS Access database providing integration across a portfolio of buildings that have various BEMS solutions installed.


Friendly User Interface
The Active Energy Manager interface is user friendly, reporting and charting are intuitive and easy to understand that it is not limited to use by expert energy managers.



The benefit of ongoing analysis

Over time the energy performance of a building can drift away from its original design intent, resulting in excessive energy consumption and rising energy bills.  This typically occurs because:


Future proof your investment

Highly flexible, easily extendable, Cylon BEMS built on an open platform also allows for straightforward expansion or upgrades to the BEMS that may be required in years to come, future-proofing today's BEMS installations.

Ease of Integration






  • Simplified integration with many third-party, non-HVAC systems, including lighting and energy management. Cylon’s open platform solutions make integration with 3rd party systems and legacy systems easy, bringing all your building energy management systems together.

  • Cylon BEMS integrates seamlessly across IT networks, between buildings, and between remote sites, making it ideal for multi-site retail energy management.




  • Extensible with Upgrade paths The Cylon solution provides ease of upgrades and the extension of BEMS through the gradual replacement of older, outdated, and ineffective BEMS systems delivering a more flexible, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution.

  • Unique flexibility with Uniputs technology allows for a wide scope of application.

  • Cylon BEMS is flexible and scalable with forward and backward compatibility.

  • The scalable, future-proof architecture provides native open protocols and support for LON®, BACnet®, Modbus®, and Web Services for seamless integration with third-party systems, or other existing and emerging technologies.

License-free hardware



  • Cylon solutions provide a license-free BEMS hardware installation protecting investment in BEMS technology today.



Featured products



 Central control


 Active Energy Manager




eBuilding System Controller

eSCi System controllers are built on an extendible platform that features integrated I/O that can be easily extended using eSX flexible I/O modules allowing a site controller configuration to meet the most complex retailers’ needs.

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Envoy server collects and centrally stores data from each eSCi. The stored information can be accessed anytime, anywhere on a web-enabled device giving maintenance and energy managers a powerful diagnostic tool.

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Active Energy Manager

Active Energy Manager focuses on BEMS analysis and energy management to analyze energy consumption and target savings, providing scope for energy efficiency improvements and continuous commissioning.

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Retail solution benefits

The Cylon Retail Solution ensures that stores operate efficiently, reduce maintenance costs, optimize staff and customer comfort, and enables centralized management by an Energy Management Team or third-party energy bureau.


Beyond basic EMS

By building a system based upon open standards (BACnet & others), Cylon Retail Solutions allow retailers to integrate other building automation systems into their EMS to further enhance the power and capabilities of one, centralized system:


Multi-site Retail Brochure

eSci Datasheet

eBuilding Solutions Feature Sheet



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